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::: *WINTER 2020* - classes are on the web! We are starting January 15th. Register for your flamenco classes here:http://flamencheco.cz/en/html/pages/kurzy_terminyceny.php.

::: *Weekend classes with LA BAMBINA from Seville* - 6.-8.9.2019 Guajira con bata de cola y abanico - Fri 18-19,30h, Sat 11-12,30h (3h 1000kč), Técnica Sat,Sun 12,30-14h (3h 1000kč), Bulerías Sun 10-12h (2h 700kč), Tangos Sat 14-16h (3h 700kč). Inscription here: http://flamencheco.cz/en/html/pages/kurzy_zapis.php

::: Short trailer to Ana&Sara Vypravěčka/Story teller/La Narradora - 4.4.Ponec theatre, Prague 3. Here is a short excerpt of our last show (Jana Drdácká a Anežka Hessová) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKYmfmjtHLs. Come see us on April 4th from 8pm at the Prague theatre Ponec, Husitská 24, Praha 3. Tickets on sale in the theatre, www.divadloponec.cz.

::: ANA & SARA - VYPRAVĚČKA/STORYTELLER/LA NARRADORA - 28.4.2015 at 8pm, Divadlo Ponec,Husitská 24a,P3. We sincerely invite you to a PREMIERE of a new dance project created by Jana Drdácká (Flamenco) and Anežka Hessová (Kathak). Ana&Sar delves into two music and dance traditions, one from southern Spain and the other from Northern India, presenting them to audiences through personal stories and the particular outlook of each interpreter. Flamenco and kathak have common roots in the depths of history and a common intermediary – Gypsy (Roma) musicians and dances who brought elements of Indian dance to Andalusia on their long journey through Asia and Europe. Little is known about the real history of that connection. It is largely supposed that flamenco has its roots in the exodus of “Untouchables” from the Punjab around 800–900 AD. These people became the Gypsies/Romanies of lore, traversing Asia and the Middle East, eventually settling in Europe. Today Rajasthani Gypsies can be seen using ancient castanets to embellish their songs about nomadic existence and spiritual devotion. It is through these songs that the origin of flamenco can be clearly identified. A defining element of flamenco music is undeniably the singing, cante. In fact, flamenco initially consisted purely of cante, with handclapping – palmas sordas – or knuckle rapping providing percussive accompaniment. The guitar, a variation of the Arabic ’ūd, was gradually incorporated in the 19th century. Jana’s and Anežka’s performance does not aim to unveil the precise historical circumstances of the relationship between Flamenco and Kathak. On the contrary, it plays with both traditions in a unique way to bring out the intimate testimony of two women who have spent their lives learning about these cultures and introducing them to Czech audiences. In the reflections of these ancient, mythological, cultures they explore their own depths and desires, their own selves... DIVADLO PONEC, 28.4.2015 at 8pm, Husitská 24a, Praha 3, tel.224817886, 222721531. Ticket reservations: http://divadloponec.cz/playbill/detail/id/51591/mn/19/page/17

::: SPRING TRIP TO ANDALUSIA - April 12th-19th, joint us for this unique vacation opportunity! We are going south again to enjoy the sun, music, dance, splendid architecture of Seville, Granada and Córdoba and a truly special atmosphere of this unique travel to explore flamenco at its origins. Aimed not only at dancers but anyone who wishes to experience this bewitching world. See the programme and details at www.flamencoandalusie.cz or contact us at jana@flamencheco.cz and zdenka@skitur.cz.

::: TABLAO en PRAGA - 21.2., 29.3., 26.4. at 8 pm in Studio Element, Opletalova 27, Prague 1. After a January break we invite you again to Studio Element, Opletalova 27, Prague 1, to flamenco dance and music show at the end of every month. The guests performers will be specified later at this site or at facebook events by Taneční studio Element. Please coe back to us and reserve the dates already now! Reservation of the tickets at 777039069 or 777151337. Look forward to sharing a glass of wine and a special atmosphere with you!

::: *WINTER 2015* - flamenco courses in Studio Element, Opletalova 27, P1. The new trimestre of flamenco courses is now available for your inscriptions right here: http://flamencheco.cz/es/html/pages/kurzy_zapis.php. You can find the complete schedule at www.studio-element.cz/kurzy. We start on Jan.5th and look forward to dancing with you in 2015! Merry holidays! Jana

::: MARTA BALPARDA - flamenco workshop with a Seville dancer - June 21-22, Studio Element. We invite you cordially to a flamenco dance workshop with a young yet very original and promising dancer from Seville, Marta Balparda. The course takes place in two levels: intermediate Tangos Sat 3-5pm, Sun 1-3pm and adnvanced Bulerías Sat 5,30-7,30pm, Sun 3,30-5,30pm. Price of each workshop is 1300kč, both levels together 2400kč. Inscription and info jana.eismanova@gmail.com, 603901175.

::: ALMA FLAMENCA - dancer Juan Polvillo closes the 2014 tour in Prague, June 1st at ABC theatre! Outstanding dancer from Seville Juan Polvillo and his partner Juana la Checa, accompanied by the voices of El Cheito and Chabuca and the guitarist Morenito de Triana, bring you a spirited, traditional flamenco puro show. Flamenco = basic human emotions - desire, passion, melancholy, joy and loneliness - transformed into a unique form whose deep roots constantly provide both artists and spectators with fresh inspiration. After Bánská Bystrica, Vienna and Ljubljana the show moves on to Brno 23.5., Pilsen 24.5., Katowice 28.5., Bratislava 29.5. and closes in Prague on June 1st in ABC Theatre. Tickets at the theatres box-office or at www.m-d-p.cz.

::: THE ART OF FLAMENCO - conference with Co.flamenca Juan Polvillo, Cervantes Institute, 19.5. 6pm. Come today to discover the mystery of flamenco in a discussion with Seville dancer Juan Polvillo and the members of his flamenco company (Jana Drdácká, Morenito de Triana, El Cheito, Chabuca) . In a presentation of their project Alma Flamenca the artists will explain and demonstrate how a flamenco piece is born in a tight cooperation among the dancers, singers and the guitar player. Free entrance, Cervantes Institute, Na Rybníčku 6, Praha 2.

::: *SPRING 2014* - new schedule of courses ready for your inscriptions ! See our new schedule of flamenco courses and sign up right here!http://flamencheco.cz/en/html/pages/kurzy_zapis.php. For more information about the Element Dance Studio, Opletalova 27, Praha 1, see www.studio-element.cz.

::: WORKSHOP WITH MARI ANGELES GABALDÓN - March 28th-30th in Prague! All levels of flamenco students are invited! Beginners-intermediate - Bulerías, intermediate - Guajira con abanico, advanced - Soleá con bata de cola. Inscriptions here: http://flamencheco.cz/en/html/pages/kurzy_zapis.php. Price of each 4h workshop is 2000kč.

::: TABLAO EN PRAGA - March 29th, 2014 at 20h, Studio Element, Opletalova 27, P1. Come and join us for another noche flamenca with dance and music in live, this time on Saturday, the 29th of March. Flamenco Element group will perform in the following line-up: Morenito de Triana (guitar) and Michael Cába (cajón) and they will accompany the dancers Jana Drdácká, Eduard Zubák and Compania Element dancers. As an invitee you can look forward to the singer Hana Iridiani. Entry 200kč at the door, reserve your seats at jana@flamencheco.cz, 777151337, 777039069. Looking forward to a great evening with you!

::: *WINTER 2014* - the new schedule of classes is on the web, we begin Jan.6th! Come join us for the next trimester of flamenco dance classes in the dance studio Element, Opletalova 27, Praha 1. You can choose according to your flamenco experience and desired styles and register right here: http://flamencheco.cz/en/html/pages/kurzy_zapis.php. Look forward to dancing with you in 2014! Jana and Lucie, www.studio-element.cz.

::: TEĎ - Jana Drdácká & Flamenco Element, guest singer José Ángel CARMONA - 24.11.2013 at 8pm, ROKOKO. The last work of the Czech flamenco dancer and choreographer, Jana Drdácká, mirrors her newest personal inspirations and overall trends in flamenco. The performance is more than ever based in the authors belief that the improvisational principles are at the root of fascination and impact of the flamenco art on the viewers. The guest singer José Ángel Carmona, a very sought after artist, supplies the performance with the utmost expressivity and wide scale of emotions. Ticket reservations (380kč, 340kč) at the theatre box-office, tel.224 215 943, or on-line at www.m-d-p.cz.

::: Vinyasa Flow Yoga 4 DANCERS – Moving Meditation - from September 2013 Wed 8-9pm. Similar to many dance techniques Vinyasa Flow Yoga uses the gravity, the body weight and its influence on movement. Yoga concentrates on specific muscle groups and nadis (energetic lines) making sure to reach the balance through strengthening and stretching exercises. Simi is a wonderful teacher who specializes in yoga especially targetted to dancers and teaches this style in London and now in our studio in Prague! Register at simisolarin@yahoo.co.uk, +420777260468.

::: TABLAO en PRAGA opening evening - March 24th at 8pm ! We invite you to a monthly flamenco show at Tablao Praga at Studio Element, Opletalova 27, Prague 1. Performers are dancers and musicians from Flamenco Element group next to advanced student dancers and amateurs. Come enjoy a live show with a glass of excellent spannish wine. Entrance is 150kč, the club opens 15min.prior to the show.

::: FERIA DE ABRIL, FLAMENCO AND MUCH MORE! - April 14th-21st - trip to Andalucia. Join us for Feria de Abril in Sevilla! A week long trip to the 3 main flamenco capitals of Andalucía Sevilla-Córdoba-Granada takes place April 14th-21st and the price is 12790kč + flight Prague-Malaga-Prague. The flamenco mini-tour features Feria de Abril with the pilgrimage to Rocío, bull-fight in the legendary Maestranza arena, Granada´s Alhambra and of course flamenco courses with renowned teachers (Manolete, Manuel Betanzos, Pastora Galván and Pili Ortega). More info at www.skitur.cz or jana@flamencheco.cz.

::: STUDIO ELEMENT - OPLETALOVA 27, PRAHA 1 - new centre of flamenco and yoga downtown Prague ! Flamenco school of Jana Drdácká has moved to a new STUDIO ELEMENT downtown Prague. The studio is focused besides flamenco on nutrition and healthy life style (Lucie Bevelaqua. www.centrumvyzivy.cz), yoga, pilates and children movement and rhythm activities. The schedule includes new flamenco courses (TANGOS WTH LUCKA Tue 17-18h and TECHNIQUE WITH EDA Thu 20-21h), YOGA with Katrin Koehler (Tue 10-11,30h), Pilates with Pavla Stibůrková (Tue 17-18h) and MASSAGES (David Jindáček Mon,Thu, Pavla Stibůrková Tue). Children activities will begin in June and will be published together with all other activities and our new website: www.studioelement.webnode.cz.

::: Flamenco blog in czech language by Lenka Staníčková is at http://flamencolenkastanickova.blogspot.com/ and concentrates especially on flamenco singing with many interesting details and photos.

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