Flamenco Element We founded a new flamenco group Flamenco Element in October 2010. The dance couple Jana Drdácká and Eduard Zubák are accompanied by Morenito de Triana on guitar, Vašík Greif on piano, Michael Cába on cajón, Pavol Križovenský on flute, Marek Cába on the base and Zdeněk Žorna singing and clapping.

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"Arsa Y Toma" group

Flamenco Element replaces Arsa y Toma in 2010. In October 2010 we founded a new group led by Jana Drdácká and Morenito de Triana and featuring the best Czech and Slovak flamenco artists. The founding performance was in Pilsen and in April 2011 the group had the first main performance in Prague with a guest singer Ismael Fernández of Seville.

Arsa y Toma was a flamenco group founded by the dancer Jana Drdácká and the guitarist Daniel Gája, it was consisting of 2 dancers, 2 musicians (guitar and percussion) and a singer. It formed in summer 2000 and had been performing in years 2000-2010 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2006 Dan was replaced by Miroslav Žára on the guitar and the flute player Pavol Križovenský joined the group.

Jana Drdacka

Since March 2001 teaches flamenco in Prague. Courses take place in Zambra dance studio, U Zvonařky 9, Praha 2. Jana has been studying flamenco for 5 years, frequenting during that time classes in USA, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Jana studied with following masters: Juan Polvillo (Sevilla, Spain), Javier Latorre (Córdoba, Spain), José Molina (New York, Oregon, USA), La Tani (Barcelona, Spain), Alejandro Granados, La Chiqui, Ana Maria Lopez (Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia, Spain), Táňa Krištůfková (profesor of Academy in Prague).

Petra Stastna

Studied on Prague conservatory od dance, where she aquainted herself with flamenco under profesor Tána Krištůfkova 7 years ago.

Last year studied with flamenco dancer of Australian origin, Luisa Raszyk and in Fall 2002 in Berlíně with Amparo de Triana.

Currently teaches beginners courses in Jana Drdacka flamenco school in studio Zambra.

Dan Gaja

Studied classical guitar on Prague conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek. Dan has been self-teaching himself flamenco for 8 years.

Studied in Spain with great masters such as Manolo Sanlúcar, Manolo Franco, José Antonio Rodríguez a Paco Serrano.

Performed in a duo with flamenco guitarist Petr Štěpánek.

Mira Borsky

Three years ago started to study flamenco guitar with Daniel Gája. Slowly became intersted in percussion and learned to accompany flamenco on cajón.

Currently Mira plays cajón in the Arsa y Toma flamenco group.